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Superintendent of Schools Dr. Robert I. Shaps

The 2022-2023 school year marks Dr. Shaps'  13th year as Superintendent of Mamaroneck Public Schools.  Prior to coming to Mamaroneck, Dr. Shaps served four years as Superintendent in Hastings-on-Hudson and three years as Superintendent of Manchester Essex Regional School District in Manchester By the Sea, Massachusetts.  He had extensive experience at the secondary level, having served as Principal of Manchester Essex Regional School District’s Middle/High School and as Assistant Principal at Londonderry High School in New Hampshire.

During his time in Mamaroneck, Dr. Shaps has worked tirelessly to provide an extraordinary educational experience for all Mamaroneck School District students. He
 has been dedicated to ensuring that the  educational program provides a depth of rich, meaningful learning experiences and engages all students to the greatest extent possible.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic brought unique challenges that nobody could have ever anticipated, Dr. Shaps saw tremendous opportunity from a teaching and learning perspective, as the District continued to adapt, innovate and evolve. Administrators and faculty incorporated lessons learned from COVID into their practices.  Dr. Shaps has been a longtime believer in the need to reassess what has traditionally been known as the “industrial model of school” and is always considering how we can best utilize technology to deepen the level  of skills and knowledge students acquire during their time in the Mamaroneck school system.

During the 2018-19 school year, Dr. Shaps led the District’s efforts to negotiate a seven-year agreement between the Board of Education and the Mamaroneck Teachers Association. The contract fairly compensates the District’s highly skilled teachers, is fiscally responsible to taxpayers and enables the District to continuously improve on the quality of education it offers.  Teachers come to Mamaroneck because of its professional, collaborative culture.

Education in Mamaroneck Public Schools is defined by relevant, rigorous and robust learning opportunities, and a wide breadth of programs and services to meet the individualized needs and passions of every student.  Through active hands-on learning, the District works to foster deep thought, collaboration and innovation among its students beginning at the youngest ages (Kindergarten) and all the way up through the high school level.  Ongoing and upcoming initiatives focus on social-emotional learning, respect for all and the overall emotional well-being and growth of each individual student.

Dr. Shaps grew up in Chicago, Illinois and graduated from Scarsdale High School.  He and his wife Kathy have four children and two grandchildren.

Updated July, 2022

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